What my last campaign card said

Chuck Fredrick for Mayor of Bellevue
Integrity and Transparency
I need your vote
With our taxes raised this year and again next year, and many of our services being cut. I feel the city has to change direction. Our financial house is not in order: they won’t even do a monthly balance sheet. Many people have complained about the bicycle lanes on Fort Crook Road and I will do my best to remedy the problem. If you want to change the direction that the City of Bellevue is going, I need your vote. 
Please visit my website www.chuckfredrick.com or call 402-292-3823.

The education of our children is a high priority.
My team will consist of a new City Administrator, an in-house City Attorney, and a new City Treasurer. I plan for Bellevue to install two Splash Pads, one in Everett Park and one in the Northwest area. Also, I will have the Swimming Pools repaired. I will recommend that the Library stay open on Sunday and install two Drop Boxes, one each in Northwest and Souwest Bellevue. I will have the State Auditor do our city audit next year.