Vote for Steve Carmichael

What do Pat Shannon, Steve Carmichael and Andy Mahoney have in common?  Carol Blood does not want any of them to be on the city council.  Although she will no longer be on the city council, she still wants to control what happens in the city.  We can’t let that happen.  Hopefully Tommy Garret will be reelected and she will no longer be an elected official.

    Pat Shannon’s opponent, Rob Klug, has given conflicted stories about how long he has lived in Bellevue.  On, he said he has lived in Bellevue for four years.  In a World Herald story about him he said he lived in Bellevue for eight years.  In all the years he said he lived here, he has never voted in the city of Bellevue until this year’s primary.  Do you want somebody on the city council who wouldn’t vote about Bellevue issues for eight years?  I don’t think so.  Maybe he doesn’t vote in Bellevue because he is lying about where he lived.  In either case, this gives you enough information to vote for Pat Shannon.  Also he registered as a Republican on December 30, 2015. Pat Shannon is the Republican endorsed by the Sarpy County Republican Party.  With our new city administrator, Joe Mangimelli, and Pat Shannon on the city council we can start to turn this city around.

    Now let’s talk about why Steve Carmichael has to be re-elected again to the city council.  He is president of the city council and has done an excellent job of representing Ward 1 and the city of Bellevue.  He is the reason we have Joe M. as our city Administrator, not Rita Sanders.  Again Carol Blood is promoting Burns to beat Steve.

    I have been told, but I don’t know if it is true, that Burns and Carol Blood are related.  I do have to give him credit for knocking on doors in Ward 1.  I did the same thing when I ran for city council back in 1997 against a six-year incumbent Patty Gorham.  The difference is that I attended every meeting for a year before I filed.  I was able to convince the council to get rid of the Bellevue specialist before the general election in November.  I was able to make some changes before I got elected.  I was able to do this even though there was no public request to be heard.  Burns has attended a few city council meetings but has not gotten up to speak to the council for five minutes on any subject.  I attended the debate for the council and I found that Burns was able to answer the questions that were given to all the candidates ahead of time but all of his answers seemed rote.  When it came time to answer questions from the audience, he really stumbled while Steve gave superb answers.  We need Steve’s experience and his knowledge to turn this city around.