Regarding Ward 1 Appointment


All the news in the Metro area is on the Mayor’s race in Omaha.  This is deflecting a very important event that is going to happen in Bellevue.  Mayor Rita Sanders is going to appoint a new councilperson for Ward 1 and the city council has to approve this appointment.  To my knowledge there are four people that have submitted their names.  

I would assume the mayor is going to interview the top candidates.  As far as I’m concerned, there are only two people she should consider.  Myself, a former Ward 1 representative, and Steve Carmichael, the person who got 47% of the vote when he ran in the last election against the incumbent Scott Houghtaling.  

I have spoken to the city council over 120 times in the last three years.  Look at my website  Also look at all the public requests to be heard on all the minutes for council meetings over the last 3 years.

The mayor is afraid to nominate me, and I’m sure the current city council doesn’t want me either.  That’s because I would save the taxpayers money, and they really don’t seem to be concerned about the taxpayer.

That leaves Steve Carmichael as the only other viable person to represent Ward 1.  He worked hard, campaigned hard, spent his money only, and almost beat the incumbent.  As far as I’m concerned, the people of Ward 1 have spoken.

Neither the mayor, or the five remaining council people, live in Ward 1.  Don’t you think that the people of Ward 1 have already decided.  I would call the mayor and the five council people and express your opinion to them.  Especially if you live in Ward 1. Their numbers are listed below.

Rita Sanders at City Hall: 293-3020

Kathy Saniuk: 402-292-8196

Steve Knutson: 402-515-5144

Carol Blood: 402-293-0401

Paul Cook: 402-291-8343

Don Preister: 402-733-6660
If you want to email that you called them, my email is or call me at 402-292-3823.  There is at least one councilperson that wants to play party politics.  It’s time we put a stop to her games.