Quick Solution for Bellevue

Selecting a person for Ward 1 as councilman has taken way too long.  If Secretary of State John Gale doesn’t use the state statute 32-509(b) which I think applies, this stalemate could go on for a long time.  My suggestion is for Mike Hall and Dave Compton to withdraw their names as candidates for Ward 1 and also promise not to run if there would be a special election.  If they do this, I would also withdraw my name and make the same promise.  If this is done, I think the mayor and the council could quickly come to an agreement.  This is best for Bellevue and this is what the three of us should do.  Of the three of us, I would certainly be the most electable.  All you have to do is check the minutes of the city council meetings for the last three years to see what I’ve said.  Also look at my website www.chuckfredrick.com.  Come on, guys, let’s do what’s best for Bellevue now.  You can always run for council next election.  

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