Must Read Before You Vote!!!

Here are some of the things you should know before you vote for Bellevue candidates.  If you look at my last posting, who knows how we got Dan Berlowitz instead of Joe Mangimelli. The good news is that Joe Mangimelli will now be our next city administrator, despite Carol Blood and Don Priester.  He should have been our city administrator six years ago.

    Don’t be surprised if the Bellevue Leader and/or the Omaha World Herald tries to give Rita Sanders the credit, even though she wouldn’t fight for Joe six years ago and then two years ago broke the tie to keep him instead of replacing him.

    Steve Carmichael is the reason we have Joe as our City Administrator.  As you know, when I ran for mayor I wanted Joe as our City Administrator.  I tried a few time to have him apply this time, but I never got ahold of him.  Steve got ahold of Joe and asked Joe to apply for the job.  He was reluctant until Steve told him that Steve had four votes for him (four out of six wins).  Thank you Steve Carmichael. He is president of our city council and his experience is now needed more than ever.

    Carol Blood and Don Priester, in my opinion, have had control of this city.  They were able to control Berlowitz and our mayor Rita Sanders.  The dynamic of the council can really change for the benefit of the city if we put in Pat Shannon, Steve Carmichael, and Abby Mahoney.  The good news is that Carol Blood will not be on the council anymore and hopefully Tommy Garrett will beat her for the state senate seat.