More Regarding Ward 1 Appointment

A while back, Bellevue voted not to have a circus in town. But now the mayor and the city council are having their own circus. This will be at the expense of the taxpayers. The mayor submitted MIke Hall to fill the vacant Ward 1 council seat. Carol Blood and her groupies, Don Priester and Steve Knutson, made fools of themselves and voted him down. He is not my choice either, but Carol Blood wants her choice, Dave Compton. I like Dave, but he is not my choice, either. Look at my website,, to see my choices. What I think is going to happen Monday at the city council meeting is that it is going to end up in a special election that won’t be until July and will cost the taxpayer between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of these political power games. Enough is enough. The right person to fill the position is Steve Carmichael. He spent his own money, campaigned hard, and almost beat the incumbent. He gathered 47% of the vote in Ward 1. Ward 1 wants him. Don’t let Mayor Sanders and Carol Blood play these games. Steve Carmichael is the right person. Take my word- he’s the man.

In my opinion, Carol Blood is a bully. She wants to present her special agenda and that requires her to have three other council members to go along with anything she wants to promote. She had control when Scott Houghtaling was on the council. She doesn’t want to lose that power and that is why she desperately needs Dave Compton. If she really does have a good idea that benefits the taxpayer, it will be passed by all the council members. The problem with this entire group is that no one will step up to get our city in good financial shape. As I have been saying for six years- we need a full-time city-employed city attorney, not a contracted one. Our legal fees are over $400,000. This is ridiculous.

The financial director should be replaced. His financial reports each month do not give all the information that should be in the reports. He won’t do a monthly balance sheet and nobody in city hall seems to care. I believe they will raise the mill levy this year, so we will have the highest in the state of Nebraska. You also know they will be pushing the increase in sales tax next election. Our auditors BKD, as far as I am concerned, do not do a good job. They work for the city, not us, and they make sure the report comes out in a way that their contract is renewed.

You really have to look at my website and keep looking at it: Please read it carefully- this is not a bunch of soundbites. Also, please look at the city minutes for the last three years or more. See what I say in the public request to be heard at the end of each meeting.

When you read all this, you will know why the mayor, the council, and the administrator are scared to death to have me back in Ward 1. I deserve to be Ward 1 councilman above Mike Hall or Dave Compton. Steve Carmichael deserves to be appointed and confirmed because he put in his names on the ballet last election. If any of us want to be Ward 1 councilperson, then we can run in the next election.

One other thing I should mention, Steve Carmichael worked for the city of Bellevue for 25 years. He quit because he was tired of how the city was being run. Steve has the knowledge and the experience to help straighten this city out. We don’t need an election.

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