Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Let us all remember what Christmas is all about.  My pastor of my church reminded the congregation that the word holiday is derived from holy day.  I have been blessed with my family this past year.  I have a new granddaughter, Harper Annabel Fredrick, born Dec 4.  I’m also proud that I became a LIFE MASTER in bridge last fall.

Really my only disappointment last year was the response from the city council, mayor, and administration.

I spoke to the city council on Nov 26, 2012 for about the 115th time since May of 2008.  It’s like speaking to a brick wall. 

I have never had one councilmember, the mayor, the city administrator, or the finance director respond to me about any of the many issues I have raised.  They must think that it is clever not to respond to me.  When they ignore me they are also ignoring all of the taxpayers in Bellevue.

Here’s a copy of what was recorded in the minutes that night, also at

Mr. Chuck Fredrick, 1511 Madison Street, stated that he is not pleased with the election results in Bellevue. He feels that this Council has not been responsible with his tax dollars. More transparency is needed. He is concerned about how much money is in the Community Betterment Fund, where it has been spent and if it has been spent for something other than community betterment, how it will be replaced. He would like to see an organizational chart placed on the website that shows the positions, names of people holding those positions and their salaries. He has noticed that Council Bluffs has received a new credit rating on their bonds which was one of the highest ratings. He would like to know why Bellevue doesn’t have a credit rating on its bonds. He still wants a monthly balance sheet. He requested a report on the results of the company the City has assigned to collect $550,000 of outstanding ambulance bills. The City has lost too much money by allowing the Fire Department to perform ambulance billing duties. This should be given back to Cashflow Billings. 

The minutes do not always include everything I say, but it will give you a pretty good picture of where I am coming from.

Oh, by the way: I’m the guy who got the council to put public request to be heard on the agenda back in May of 2008.  Now anyone can speak for 5 minutes on any topic that they want to talk about. Carol Blood tried to stop that.  If people knew that, the voters probably would have replaced her.

I believe the City of Bellevue is in a serious financial situation.  The council approved the finance director (won’t do a monthly balance sheet) to move money around in the city without even asking to do a monthly report as to where the money was moved to.

Please look at my website,  Pay particular attention to the article by Eugene Curtain about the fire department versus Cashflow Billing.  He did his best to cover up for the fire department.  He didn’t mention the one million dollars that the fire department had in a separate account in a bank other than the bank that the city uses.  He also didn’t talk about $550,000 that the fire department can’t collect.  Taking billing away from Cashflow Billing has cost the city at least 3 million dollars. 

Be sure to read the letter from D. More which follow the Bellevue article.

I have a lot more to write about so I urge you to keep looking at my website.

Thank you for reading my entire letter and I hope you all have a successful year. My email address is

God Bless,

Chuck Fredrick

P.S. The city is just trying to hold on financially until they can raise the mill levy (probably will be the highest in the state and also try to convince you they need to raise the sales tax.  This group has done a very, very poor job of managing our tax dollars.  Ron Petak gave the city council a question mark for a rating.  I give them an F for the last 4 years.  We really deserve better.