Dogs and Cats, then Pitbulls and now Pot-bellied Pigs- What’s Next in Bellevue

Here’s why you should carefully read everything on my website: Bellevue has become the laughingstock of the metro area. People outside of Bellevue ask me almost every day about what crazy stuff is going on in Bellevue now.

First it was the number of dogs and cats and what breeds would be accepted, then it was the chickens, and now it’s the pot-bellied pigs. Come on- let’s get real. We have so many more serious problems in Bellevue that I have brought before the City Council over the last five years that I’m just amazed the planning commission voted 7 to 1 not to let the young couple keep the pot-bellied pig.

Since that time, the Supreme Court has ruled that the pot-bellied pig is a service animal. Let the young man keep his pot-bellied pig and get on with the many items I’ve talked about over the lat five years.