City Appointments

I have several things I am going to write about, including the citizen code of conduct and the library meeting that I attended, but first I have to write about the most important item: the City Council agenda next Monday night.

Mayor Sanders will make four appointments that will determine the direction of the city: down the same old path that has not been good for the tax payers or a new team. If I had been elected, I would replace the city administrator, the contracted city attorney, and the finance director. She is going to keep the same team, given the opportunity. If four council people vote to change the city administrator, city attorney, and city finance director, then she will have to appoint different people. The key vote right now seems to be Councilman John Hanson. So far his votes and comments have been a pleasant surprise. I would encourage you to call John at 402-677-2597 and tell him to vote for change for the good of the city .