Big News- Filed for Mayor

Big News!!! Big News!!!

I filed to become the next mayor of Bellevue. I have been involved and concerned about how this city have been run for the last 15 years. I spend four years as a councilman in Ward 1 and ran for mayor in the last two elections.

The first time I ran against Jerry Ryan and advanced to the general election. I spent less than $5,000 and got 33% of the vote while Jerry Ryan spent well over $50,000. The last election I spent less than $1,000 in the primary and Rita Sanders spent over $17,000. The salary for Mayor of Bellevue is only $15,000. Is Bellevue better off with this expensive leadership? I don’t think so. That’s why so many people asked me to run. They are not happy with either of the other two candidates.

I have got so much more to say and it will be on my website soon. I’m sure I will be greatly outspent. If you really want me to be the next mayor, I really need your support. Spread the word and make sure you vote. Also, if you are willing to invest (spend) in me, you can buy a set of car magnetics by calling Jackie Locke (402-339-6856) at Design 4.

P.S. So many people have complained about the bike path on Fort Crook. As mayor, I will do everything I can to remedy the problem. Thank you for your support.