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A really important date is coming up. May 8th is primary day for elections of four city of Bellevue council positions. With only about 10-20% eligible voters voting, you can see what a difference your one vote could make.

In the following months I will be identifying the best candidates:

You may ask as to why you should consider my suggestions. I believe I know about what is going on in Bellevue City government more than 95% of the residents of Bellevue. I had attended 95% of the City Council meetings for two years before I ran for City Council Ward 1 and beat an 8 year incumbent who outspent me 5 to 1. In four years on the city council, I never missed a meeting.

I ran for mayor twice. The first time Jerry Ryan spent at least $50,000 to my $5,000 and I still got over 33% of the votes in the general election. The last time I spent less than $1,700 while Rita Sanders spent over $17,000 in the primary. Also, I’m not like the past elected councilman or candidates who have run for office. You never see them again.

I was able to get public request to be heard on the council agenda in May, 2008. It gives everyone a voice.

As of this date, I appeared and talked 80 times at city council meetings. We have a lousy city website- You should be able to search the website easily to see what I spoke about. I think you will have a difficulty in your search. You can easily find a state auditor’s report on my website-, but they are trying to hide it on the city’s website.

I also have been attending regularly both the pre-council and city council meetings over the last 3 years.

You can watch the city council meetings on channel 17 Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am, 7pm and 12 pm. Also on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm and 10pm. If you would like to have additional times added, please e-mail with your request.

A majority of Bellevue residents are either misinformed or uninformed as to what is really happening in city government. I would be willing to speak to any civic organization or any group that would like to hear my thoughts. At the present time there will be no charge. My intent is not to upset any group or any individual, but I believe it is important that you know what is really going on behind the scenes so, with your vote, you may help Bellevue be a more prosperous city. My e-mail is Please leave a phone number for me to respond. My home phone number is 402-292-3823.

The bulldog of Bellevue,

Chuck Fredrick

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