Worth Watching

Aug 21st 2007

This is the short version on my observations about the Bellevue City Council meeting on Monday Aug13, 2007. More will be on my website at a later date.

In my opinion, Dave Wees made a fool of himself in trying to be the front man for city attorney John Hedrzina. Then Mr. Herdzina spoke and tried to explain why he didn’t have a signed contract from anybody in the city. He put his foot in his mouth with his lame excuse that he didn’t want to give away his strategy to the company he was suing. I am not an attorney, but I never heard that you had to give your strategy away when you file a lawsuit. Now he wants a third of a million dollars from the city of Bellevue and he doesn’t even have a signed contract.

When I spoke to the Council that night, I addressed that situation. I also said that any Councilperson who votes to pay Herdzina should not be elected next election. In my opinion, those who vote to give a third of a million dollars for legal fees are counting on Mr. Herdzina to come up with something so that the City Council won’t be reduced from ten to six. These rubberstampers may say that they want to do what the public voted for, but in reality, they are pinning their hopes on Mr. Herdzina saving them at the taxpayers’ expense.

Here’s my suggestion. Let Mr. Herdzina keep the $50,000 he has already been paid, ask for his resignation and do what I said we should do when I ran for mayor last time: get our own city-employed city attorney like Grand Island has had for the last ten years.

We would not be having this problem if this had been done five years ago. If Mr. Herdzina wants to take the city of Bellevue to court, that is his choice. I think a first-year law student could win this case for the city. No signed contract-no more money to Mr. Herdzina.