Trying to Revoke Public Request to be Heard

I have been informed that at the next city council meeting on May 14 the city administrator, Joe Mangiamelli, is going to try to stop the public request to be heard that happens at the end of the meeting where the public has 5 minutes to talk about anything on their minds.

I’m the guy who got the public request to be heard on the agenda about 5 years ago. Since that time, I have spoken over 100 times. Many, many people over the years have also taken advantage of this time to express their thoughts.

There was a situation a few meetings ago where 3 police officers’ wives wanted to speak about one of the police officers and they were denied that right because the city council voted to go into an executive session. Councilmen Prieston, Hansen, and Burns voted no. That made it a 3-3 vote and Mayor Rita Sanders broke the tie by voting no that they couldn’t speak at that time. They were able to speak later, because of the public request to be heard. If the city administrator got what he wanted and the public request to be heard was eliminated, they would not have been able to speak on the subject.

If you want the right to be heard, call your councilperson and Pat Shannon, the At-Large Councilman and express your feelings about being shut out of your right for free speech.

Chuck Fredrick