Good News for Bellevue!

            Carol Blood will no longer be on the city council.  She is running again against incumbent Tommy Garrett. She lost the last time even though there were a number of voters who voted for her just to get her off the city council. The state will be better off if Tommy Garrett is reelected.

            In my opinion she has done more to hurt this city making sure we got the wrong city administrator 6 years ago and making sure he was rehired with a big raise.

            When she ran the first time, she thought the at-large position should be eliminated.  Look at the Omaha World Herald or my website.  She states that the at-large position should be eliminated.  That’s because she thought she was going to be our state senator.  Now she has changed her tune, I think I know her strategy.

            Now all of a sudden see now that the at-large position should be retained.  She has been very good at manipulating the council and administration to what she wants. She should be putting on the agenda the elimination of the at-large council person. She isn’t doing it now, because I think she wants to have her buddy, Councilman Don Priester, to run for the position. She probably has a person in mind to run in Ward 5, Don Priester’s ward. This way we would have the same situation as we have now. 3 vs. 3 and the mayor braking the tie. If we eliminate the at-large position, the mayor is no longer a factor in deciding the appointments that are so important to how the city is run.  This is much better because the majority of the council would make all the important appointment decisions.