Follow Up

Sept 3, 2007

A copy of my Aug 21st letter was given to each councilperson at the Aug 27th council meeting before they voted on whether to pay our contracted city attorney one third of a million dollars when there was no signed contract by the city. Seven of the then voted to pay their city attorney (not ours) in hopes that Herdzina can prevent the council going from ten to six like the people of Bellevue voted for.

These seven councilpeople are not concerned about our tax dollars, but more concerned about keeping their jobs. Those seven hopefully would not run for the next election and if they do, they should not be reelected. The seven are: Dave Wees, Dr. Hatcher, Larry Cascio, Gus Erickson, John Stacey Jr., Jack Charvat and Sharon Brown.

Finally, the people of Bellevue are waking up as to how badly the city is being run, and they not only voted for a reduction of council, but also a major change in the council. I don’t think the voters of Bellevue will forget at election who voted to spend their money inappropriately.

Keep watching my website . More to come.