Bob Fisher’s Letter

Bob Fisher submitted the letter to the Bellevue Leader but they did not print it. Of course he’s referring to Carol Blood. If anyone else has submitted letters to either the Bellevue Leader or the Omaha World Herald that have not been printed, you can contact me and it’s possible I will put them on my website. 

Politicians rely on the public having a very short memory. As we approach
election season let’s take a look at what our Council Person-at-large has done
for us during her term on the City Council.

Here are some of the proposals this person wanted to 8e enacted into law:

(1) If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you must get a permit or a
license from the city to build a fire in it. Fortunately this failed.

(2) If you had a business along Fort Crook Road, or any,lace in Bellevue,
and because of current economic conditions, closed your business, you
must pay to the city a sur-tax because the building is vacant. Is this
reasonable? The city should be doing everything they can to put a
viable business in place – not adding to their problems with additional
taxes. Fortunately that also failed.

(3) And now, an attack on one of the basic tenets of democracy – the right
of the citizen to speak. Our Council Person-at large wanted to put so
muck red tape in front of a citizen that wanted to speak to the Council,
it would be almost impossible to get permission to get up and speak.
A council person that does not have time to listen to their constituents
concerns should not be on the council in the first place!

So far, all these asinine attempts to restrict our liberties have failed.
If this person is allowed to serve another term on the Council, just think
of the damage that could be done.

Just something to think about when you cast your vote.

Bob Fisher

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