Vision as Given at Council Event

Fredrick said he took his daughter to Bellevue East to go to Topeka, Kansas for the Bellevue East ROTC Program. He said he is proud of his daughter, proud of what she has done and pleased with the ROTC program, and pleased with the school system. He said the school is doing a good job. He said his definition of vision is not only talking about something but then taking action. Just saying you are going to do something and not do anything about it is not he part he felt they should do. Fredrick said they should take action on any vision they do have.

Fredrick said the churches in Bellevue are doing a thing called “Embrace Omaha”, where they get all the churches together to make Bellevue a good, Christian city. He said they have some good churces here in Bellevue and several of them are participating in this program. Fredrick said it is showing a way of getting together and working out their minor differences and working for the goal of having Christians and having Christians become a part of the city. He said he would like a vision of Bellevue to be one where people can look at the city and say “Bellevue is a Christian city”. Fredrick said he felt they should try to get Bellevue designated as an “All American City”; he said he tried it once, but they were not ready for it. Hopefully before his term is up he will be able to initiate that and maybe get more participation. He said this designation would be beneficial for people looking at Bellevue to see it as an “All American City: where they are working together and it would attract more business to Bellevue.

Fredrick said he would like to be in on the Action Committee to see what they can do about getting a YMCA in Bellevue. He said they would need to start taking some action and the city should get involved to get this for the kids in Bellevue. Fredrick said they have partnered with the Chamber of Commerce who has done a good job, but they need to partner with other organizations- anybody that will help them.

Fredrick suggested they have meetings with the Sarpy County Commissioners to talk about vision and action and things to do at that point. He also suggested the Council meet with the city’s Planning Commission like they have done in the past. Fredrick said that three or four years ago Carol Swayne from the Planning Commission talked about impact fees and he suggested they should be looking at trying to implement such fees.

Fredrick said he has been on the Olde Town Task Force and the Main Street Program with the Chamber of Commerce. If the people who are looking at the City of Bellevue see that they are not doing a good job in Olde Towne, then it reflects on the entire city. He felt they needed to get people who are involved with the city to get involved in Olde Town to try to make this image so people in other parts of the city and other parts of the country will want to come to Bellevue.

Fredrick said he asked other people what their vision was and two things came up- playgrounds and recreation for kids. He said people complained about the current playground equipment not being very good, and he felt there should be a replacement program where part of the playground is replaced every year so they do not have those complaints. Another thing people complained about was selective enforcement and selective favoritism. Whether it is a perception or not, Fredrick said that is how people felt and he hoped the city and the city’s administration can work together to eliminate that perception.

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