June 2015 City Council Meeting

Two women city employees with a total of 50 years have not got a raise in 6 years.

Everybody and I mean everybody should watch the June 2015 city council meeting.  If you miss it on channel 17, you can then youtube it and watch the whole meeting.  I usually tell people to youtube and then scroll down to public request to be heard.  That’s when I speak and only part of what I say is recorded in the minutes.  Both the World Herald and the Bellevue Leader won’t report on anything that is said during the public request period.  It’s too bad, because many of my suggestions and recommendations are never known to the majority of taxpayers in Bellevue.

Now what happened that was so important that most people aren’t aware.  The city council voted yes on a union contract for a group of employees but by doing so, they denied two women who had a total of 50 years with the city and money for past back pay.  They have not had a raise in 6 years.  City Councilman Paul Cook was the only one who voted against the contract and I applaud him for that.  He also voted against the city administrator, Dan Berlowitz’s, contract of the maximum raise of 5% and increase vacation days.  Just a reminder, I had become your mayor, Berlowitz would be gone.  Mr. Cook also indicated that the city dropped the ball for not giving these two employees raises for the last 6 years.  Mr Berlowitz took offense to this remark as if it was directed to him personally.  Then Mr. Berlowitz went into this long dialogue why he wasn’t at fault.  He cited that if they got back pay, the other unions would complain.  I don’t believe they would care, because all other unions already have contracts with the city.  He also state that the city did a comparative study and that study solidified his position.  This study was paid for by the city (our taxes) and I want to know how much it cost and I also want to see the study.  I been told the employees and the union are not allowed to see this study and the only way they can see it is if they go to court.  This is a small group in this union and they can’t afford the cost.

I also talked about Ron Petak, Bellevue Leader Editor, about giving Mayor Rita Sanders an “F” for not speaking up in regards to the city administrator contract.  I agree with him but I cited three instances when she did speak up at our mayor’s debate last fall.  One was when I spoke up and said how good Papillion runs their city and we should maybe emulate them.  Sanders spoke up and said maybe I should move to Papillion.  I didn’t move but a lot of people are moving out of Bellevue and going to Papillion.  Businesses are also going to Papillion instead of coming here.

The next time she spoke when I said we need to do a monthly balance sheet. She again spoke and said the monthly balance sheet and the monthly financials are the same. Even a high school grad should know the monthly financial statement is a number of pages and a monthly balance sheet is a one page snap shot of where the city stands.

The third time she spoke up was when I said look at my website.  She told no to look at it.  Anybody who reads my website and had a open mind would have voted for me.  Over a third of people did vote for me.  I just wish more would have taken time to study the issues.

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