Chuck’s Outgoing Comments, 2002

Bellevue City Council Meeting December 9, 2002
Remarks by Outgoing Council Members

Mayor Ryan, Councilman Wees and Councilman Stacy tried to block these comments by calling for immediate adjournment of the meeting.

Council Member Chuck Fredrick requested that his comments be placed on record.  He thanked those who supported him four years ago when he ran for City Council and all of the citizens who felt comfortable in calling him for any city problems they were having.  Every time he drives by the entrace signs that read “Welcome to Bellevue, Birthplace of Nebraska”, he remembers what a privelege it was to have served on the City Council.  It was an honor and a privilege to serve Ward 1 and the entire city in this capacity.  Being a City Council Member is a big responsibility which he took very seriously.  In his four year term in office he never missed any regular or special Council meetings.  During his term he got to know the other Council Members, some better than others.  For four years, he met with Council Member Dave Sanborn on the day of each Council meeting to go over the agenda with the City Administrator.  They also served on the Revenue Committee together.  Dave is always prepared and does his homework and the city is fortunate to have such a dedicated person looking out for their tax dollars.  He thanked Eugene Curtin of the Bellevue Leader who motivated Mr. Fredrick to run for City Council.  Mr. Fredrick never missed a meeting one year prior to running for election and attended 65% of the meetings the year before that.  During those two years he noticed that what he felt was important that the public should know about was not exactly what Mr. Curtin was writing about.  This gave him extra motivation to run for office.  He stated that the Omaha World Herald and the Bellevue Leader do not always print letters they receive for the “Letters to the Editor” and “Public Pulse” columns.  It is their right to omit these.  If someone will send him a copy of a letter sent to either of the newspapers, there is a strong possibility that he will put them on his website:  He also thanked his wife, Sheryl, and his daughter, Rose, who were very supportive even when their family went through some tough times.  Above all, he gave thanks to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for getting him through tough times; He has never let him down and He never will.

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