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Promote Omaha

On December 12, 2012, I called the Tom Becka Show on KKAR. He wanted suggestion on how to do a..

Vote No on Sales Tax

This letter was submitted to the Bellevue Leader on October 29, 2012. The city of Bellevue wants to increase the..

Time to Clean House

        This letter has been submitted to the Omaha World Herald but at this time it has not been printed. ..

Jim Moudry’s thanks

My preface to Jim’s Letter: Jim Moudry’s letter appeared in the Bellevue Leader last week. If you don’t know Jim,..

What the Leader did not tell you last week By D Moore

After the Sep 26, 2012 article in the Bellevue Leader about the City’s Rescue Squad Slush Fund.   It is time..

Dogs and Cats, then Pitbulls and now Pot-bellied Pigs- What’s Next in Bellevue

Here’s why you should carefully read everything on my website: Bellevue has become the laughingstock of the metro area. People..

Before you vote in the Bellevue Primary

May 5th, 2012 Time is running out before the Bellevue primary, so I’m going to make this as short as..

Alert! Alert! Must Read!

A really important date is coming up. May 8th is primary day for elections of four city of Bellevue council positions…

Update! Chuck’s message for 2012

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Let us never forget what Christmas is all about. Also, here’s wishing..

Mayoral Debate

April 5, 2010 Friday, April 2nd, I asked Megan Lucas, president and CEO of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, when..