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Must Read Before You Vote!!!

Here are some of the things you should know before you vote for Bellevue candidates.  If you look at my..

Rita Sander’s City Administrator Decision

Can Mayor Rita Sanders make the right decision this time? This is the big question. To help you answer this..

Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman

Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman I Googled “Paul Harvey policeman” to hear him read his original essay.  I have listened to him at..

CGBD Committee Members

Citizen Code of Conduct

I attended the Bellevue City Council meeting on Monday March 9th. Another embarrassing night for the city of Bellevue. The..

City Appointments

I have several things I am going to write about, including the citizen code of conduct and the library meeting..

Differences Between Myself and Current Mayor Rita Sanders

We both say we are pro-life, but I’m the only one endorsed by the Nebraska United for Life. We are..

Arrows to Aerospace Parade

If you missed the parade or for some reason didn’t see my entry, what you really missed was the most..

My Reply to Eugene Curtin’s Article

On June 24, 2014, Eugene Curtin wrote an article titled “City Falling Short on Ambulance Fee Collections”. This is on..

June 1 Message: Make a Difference

You can make a difference on Tuesday, November 4.  Your vote for Chuck Fredrick will make a difference.  When I..