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New ACLU letter

The request I gave to Mr. Berlowitz on 6-24-15

Mr. Berlowitz, At the last city council meeting, I asked for the following: A copy of the comparative study you..

The letter I handed out regarding Offutt’s North Gate

Speechless- Published in the Bellevue Leader

There are people on the council who want to stop free speech.  They tried to do the same thing a..

The letter I couldn’t submit

This is the letter that I wished I could have submitted to the Bellevue Leader.  Of course I knew they would..

Letter to the Mayor Regarding Ward 1 Appointment

Mayor Sanders, I would like for you to consider me for your appointment for City Councilman Ward 1.  As you..

The Bellevue City Council Really Goofed!

               This could be the biggest mistake that the city council has made in the last four years.  I addressed the city..

Bob Fisher’s Letter

Bob Fisher submitted the letter to the Bellevue Leader but they did not print it. Of course he’s referring to..

A Nebraska-Penn State Trophy?

The following letter was printed in the Omaha World Herald on Wed Nov 30, 2011.  A Nebraska-Penn State Trophy? After..

My second letter to the media regarding free speech in Bellevue

9-26-11 What is Carol Blood up to now? She wants her ordinance passed without any public input before the vote..