How Can You Help Me Win the Primary?

Number One- you must vote on May 11th

Number Two- you must encourage your relatives, friends, and neighbors to vote also.

Number Three- if you want a yard sign or want to pass out my cards please call 292-3823.

It is a very special privilege that we as American citizens have. The right to vote. Please don’t take this privilege lightly. We could have as low as ten percent of registered voters voting. That is why your vote is so important. One vote can make a difference.

It’s going to be an uphill battle because I’m fighting a political machine and special interest groups that were not happy when I was elected to the city council. They tried and failed to recall me at that time.

One mayoral candidate has never been involved in Bellevue city government and could spend 30,000 dollars or more to buy your vote. The other candidate also has never been involved in city government but has been involved in may community activities (which is a good thing) and is very popular in Bellevue. But the may race should not be a popularity contest. This candidate will probably spend 10 to 15 thousand to buy your vote.

I’ll be spending around 1,500 dollars. I’m hoping the 12 years of government involvement will help you decide to vote for me.

Most importantly, neither one will appoint a new city administrator. A new city administrator is the key to getting our city turned around. I will select a city administrator who lives in Bellevue and not Omaha. Also one who has previous experience as a city administrator. Just in case you didn’t know the mayor is paid 15,000 dollars and the city administrator is paid over 100,000 dollars with many other perks.

I can give a number of reasons why he should be replaced, some are already on my website, but I will site only one now. This one alone is enough for immediate firing. The city of Bellevue has been recording incoming and outgoing phone calls, for over two years. This is illegal!! I’m sure there will be a law suite against the city because of this illegal action. I have heard that one insurance man had said he has never seen so many law suites against any city in Nebraska as we have here in Bellevue.

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