My History

Chuck’s History

While this is not the most important part of my story, it is the part before I became a born-again Christian.

            I was a Minnesota grad and I received my degree in Business Administration in 1957.  At the same time, I also received my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. In October 1960, I married Kay Iverson. We traveled to northern Minnesota for the first phase of our honeymoon.  Later, we took a trip to Pasadena, California to watch the Minnesota Gophers play in the 1961 Rose Bowl. 

After trying out several jobs, I was hired by Monroe Calculating Machine Company as a sales representative and bought a 1960 Buick Riviera. I was successful in Saint Paul, Minnesota and later in EauClaire, Wisconsin. When Kay and I moved to EauClaire, we bought a car and a house on the same day. I was promoted to an Assistant Branch Manager and moved to Omaha. After my success in Omaha I wanted to be a Branch Manager.  However, Monroe only had another assistant branch manager position open.  It was located in Lansing, Michigan working with a Branch Manager who was going to retire in a few years.  Since I wanted more than that I left the company and began working for Honeywell as a sales representative covering the Nebraska and Iowa region.

I was also a heavy gambler and the FBI called me into their Omaha office to question me about my bookie.  Fortunately, I had stopped betting and therefore I had nothing I could tell them.  Because of this interest by the FBI I decided to stop gambling.   At the same time, my children Dea and Derron were champion swimmers and we traveled throughout the country for swim meets.  Eventually, I began gambling again and my marriage to Kay ended in divorce.

When Honeywell couldn’t deliver a new product that the competition had, I began a company with Gary Rowe selling grain bins to farmers.  It was successful because there was a steel strike that created a steel shortage.  However, we were able to obtain steel through our contracts.  When the grain bin business began to decline I took a summer off to bet on the horses at Aksarben Race Track. 

It was during this time I met my current wife, Sheryl Sellers and decided to return to work. I was hired by AG Edwards as a stockbroker.  This was a blessing, without her support and love I would not be here today. We enjoyed cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska where I gave financial advice to my clients. It was one of the high points of my life. 

Unfortunately, I was rear-ended in a car accident, which basically ended my career as a stockbroker. I was not able to function and was not able to earn money.   We lost everything. Sheryl and our daughter Rose moved in with her parents. I was basically homeless.

Later, I started A Home Sweet Home with Gary Mixen. The business rented furnished apartments in the Omaha area.  It was a profitable business, however, I left the company over a compensation dispute.

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in July of 2019.  This is not a good type of cancer. At first, the doctors only expected me to live a few months. I underwent treatment with two different types of chemotherapy that lasted a year. At the end of that twelve months, the doctors said I was in chemical remission and that the leukemia would most likely return within 12 – 18 months.  We discovered that the leukemia had returned in August of 2021.  The doctors are very unsure how long I have, but they have recommended that I begin hospice care.

I have never blamed God for my leukemia.  In fact, his love and care has been a source of comfort and blessing. Looking back to December 2020, Pastor Hooker and Pastor Andy gave two sermons that really touched me.   I’ve been a born-again Christian for a number of years, but this is the first time I was aware that Jesus is with me all the time.  Even at this very moment I can feel him next to me holding me up; this is a great comfort and blessing. Also on Mother’s Day, Pastor Peggy gave a sermon that I thought wouldn’t apply to me. I’ve never been a mother, but I think it was meant for me and for my wife Sheryl.  We are both miracles and we feel so blessed. I have become more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit and His importance to me.  He is wrapped around me and is within me.  I pray everyday that he will push the cancer out of my body. 

            Approximately a month after my diagnosis of leukemia, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her life.  The first time was around 20 years ago. She recovered from that and has enjoyed good health since then. I have to admit that I did ask God,  “Why did Sheryl have to have cancer again?”  So I prayed to God that Sheryl’s cancer would not come back and God has answered my prayers. Her most recent mammogram came back clean.  She is a good woman and if it wasn’t for her I’m sure I would be either in jail or dead.  I love her and can never say enough good things about her. The good news is, that after two years of chemotherapy, she is in remission and still has a lot of life in her.

I might have rambled a little bit, but the point is what is that without my wife Sheryl and the love of Jesus Christ, I don’t think I would feel the way I do now.  I’m a very lucky man and I am content with my situation.

I also want to thank my men’s church group George, Ron, Don, Mike and Larry. Over the past five years their support has been a blessing to me.  I am ready to go with Jesus.  I hope reading my story will help you understand that Jesus loves you and all you have to do is accept Jesus in your heart and he will take away your sins.  What a wonderful feeling for me, and for you.

I also want to bless my children and their spouses along with my grandchildren.  I love you all very much.  May God bless Dea and Nick, Derron and Heather, Rose and Greg with health, success, happiness and strong marriages. May God bless my grandchildren Julius, Honor, Acer, Teo, Kai and Harper with health, happiness and success.

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