Comments at Budget Meeting

This is what I said at the budget meeting: Mr. Chuck Fredrick, 1511 Madison Street, stated “this budget is a joke. We..

The letter I couldn’t submit

This is the letter that I wished I could have submitted to the Bellevue Leader.  Of course I knew they would..

New Direction for Bellevue

This letter was given to the Bellevue Leader for publication on September 26.     New Direction I was councilman Ward 1..

October 15th Special Election

October 15th! October 15th! October 15th! Special election in Ward 1 for their city councilman. This is not only a..

Round and Round

It seems appropriate the city of Bellevue is considering up to six roundabouts on one street.  Bellevue doesn’t need any…

Quick Solution for Bellevue

Selecting a person for Ward 1 as councilman has taken way too long.  If Secretary of State John Gale doesn’t..

Ward 1 Appointment Procedure

Bellevue- The Real Story In response to Don Preister and Charlene Ligon’s letters in the May 26 Public Pulse on..

Vacant Council Seat Update

This letter was submitted to the Bellevue Leader on May 20, 2013. I have said at a previous city council..

More Regarding Ward 1 Appointment

A while back, Bellevue voted not to have a circus in town. But now the mayor and the city council..