Leader Story killed by the City


Blood Behind the Recall Effort

This could be the most important letter that I have written on my website.  It starts with the city council..

Mayors’ Update Luncheon

May 30, 2017         I attended the 2017 mayor’s business day update luncheon where four mayors spoke about their cities and..

Vote for Steve Carmichael

What do Pat Shannon, Steve Carmichael and Andy Mahoney have in common?  Carol Blood does not want any of them..

Must Read Before You Vote!!!

Here are some of the things you should know before you vote for Bellevue candidates.  If you look at my..

Voting in Bellevue- Submitted to the Public Pulse (Omaha World Herald) on 11/1/16

Voting in Bellevue I was elected to the City Council from 1997 to 2001.  I never missed a meeting in..

Rita Sander’s City Administrator Decision

Can Mayor Rita Sanders make the right decision this time? This is the big question. To help you answer this..

Audit Finding on Rescue Squad


Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman

Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman I Googled “Paul Harvey policeman” to hear him read his original essay.  I have listened to him at..