Ward 1 Appointment Procedure

Bellevue- The Real Story

In response to Don Preister and Charlene Ligon’s letters in the May 26 Public Pulse on how to fill the vacant Ward 1 seat. Each side wants to point fingers that they are wrong. In reality, both are wrong and want their choice. They keep talking about the most qualified. Anybody living in Ward 1 and 18 or over is qualified. This is not a seat that should be filled with the most popular candidate. This seat should be filled with the most effective person who can help the taxpayers get fairer representation.

Look at my website, www.chuckfredrick.com, to see who they are. The way I read the statutes, when Mayor Sanders nominated Mike Hall and the council said no, he’s out. All she had to do was nominate Dave Compton at the next meeting and then vote him out. Then Sanders and Blood both lose. Then at that same meeting, she submits two new names who would be the most effective for Ward 1 and the city and then the council stays until they pick one. If that was done, this would have been done weeks ago. Bellevue has a lot more pressing issues to try to solve. The entire group is not thinking about the city or Ward 1 residents. They just both want the power.

Chuck Fredrick, Bellevue

Former City Councilman Ward 1