Vacant Council Seat Update

This letter was submitted to the Bellevue Leader on May 20, 2013.

I have said at a previous city council meeting and I will repeat it again- we have a circus at City Hall. Nobody can agree on the state statutes on how the vacant seat for Ward 1 should be filled. City attorney Pat Sullivan has his interpretation and some other council people and myself have a different interpretation. I don’t believe Mayor Sanders nominating the same person twice is correct.

I also don’t think that having an election is the right way either. I have talked to Neil Ericson at the Secretary of State office numerous times. The state will not give their official opinion until someone asks for it. I can’t do it because I’m not an elected official. One of the city council members can ask for an official ruling from the State.

The city attorney or the mayor won’t because they’re of the same opinion. Let’s find out what the state says and then proceed from there. The way I read the statutes, we should have Steve Carmichael already seated as our Ward 1 councilperson.

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