Update! Chuck’s message for 2012

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Let us never forget what Christmas is all about. Also, here’s wishing everyone who reads my website a Happy New Year.

I would encourage all of you to continue looking at my website during the next 4 months before Bellevue’s primary election.

I believe I have at least a little credibility, having served on the City Council for 4 year and run for mayor twice. I also feel I have a better knowledge of how this city is functioning by attending the majority of the pre-council and the city council meetings. I have spoken 68 times after I was able to get Public Request to be Heard on the agenda back in May of 2008. Carol Blood doesn’t believe in free speech, but she failed to stop you and me from speaking for 5 minutes at the council meetings.

The last meeting of the City Council last year, I asked them to put the State Auditor’s report on their website, www.bellevue.net. As of today, they haven’t. All the taxpayers of Bellevue should read this report. I link to it on my website, and once you read it, you will know why they don’t want the public to see it. If you are like me, you will wonder what the hell has been going on.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone who is watching out for our tax dollars. If you search the city website and search for all the times I have spoken over the last 4 years, you will see I am sincerely trying to help the taxpayers. Unfortunately my efforts have fallen on deaf ears. We need to make some major changes of which I will talk to you about in the coming months.

If you feel like my website is of any value to you, I hope that you will pass it on to all of your friends. The people of Bellevue have been misinformed and uninformed on how badly this city has been run over the years.

You can do something about it in the next election in May 2012. When only 10 to 15 percent of eligible people vote in Bellevue, your one vote is very significant. Please register and vote in the next election.

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