Time to Clean House

    This letter has been submitted to the Omaha World Herald but at this time it has not been printed.  I also submitted it to the Bellevue Leader, but it was past their deadline and they would not print it.  It was meant to be a response to ta letter that was in the Bellevue Leader the week before.  I don’t believe that the letter was written by the man it who signed it.  There are many others who feel the same way I do, that it was a girly letter, not written by a man.

Time to Clean House

               The incumbents are running for reelection for Bellevue City Council.  All three should be replaced.  They are Carol Blood, Scott Houghtaling and Don Preister.  They have not been good stewards of our tax dollars.  I’m hoping Bill Richards, Steve Carmichael, and Andy Mahoney will do a better job.  Look at my website www.chuckfredrick.com to find out the reasons they should be replaced.

Chuck Fredrick

Former Bellevue Councilman and mayoral candidate