October 15th Special Election

October 15th! October 15th! October 15th!

Special election in Ward 1 for their city councilman. This is not only a very special election for Ward 1 residents, but for the whole city of Bellevue. The city has been going in the wrong direction for a number of years and this election could help change the direction of this city. Steve Carmichael could be that person that can do this.

People are asking me why I filed for the election and then dropped out. I was willing to spend $110 (the filing fee) to voice my opinion on how badly this city is run.

Normally the time to drop out of the race is much later than the deadline for filing. I did have a short time to express my views. You can see more if you go to my website, www.chuckfredrick.com. Also read the minutes (the public request to be heard) for the past four years at www.bellevue.net. Also look at websites www.voterinfomation.org and www.carmichaelforcouncil.com
Chuck Fredrick