New Direction for Bellevue

This letter was given to the Bellevue Leader for publication on September 26.

    New Direction

I was councilman Ward 1 for four years.  I am very knowledgable in Bellevue politics.  Bellevue has a very important for Ward 1, but also extremely important for the entire city.

For almost the last five years, I believe there has been a cabal of four council people that have been controlling this city.  Now one has resigned and his spot has to be filled with someone who will not be lockstep with them.

Steve Carmichael is that person.  He will standup for what is best for Ward 1 and for the entire city.  The city is five million dollars in the hole this year and will be another three million dollars the next year.

This group is okay with raising our taxes.  If the council and administration would have shown fiscal responsibility, we would not have to raise our taxes.  If you want to change this direction of leadership, vote for Steve Carmichael.

Chuck Fredrick
Ward 1

Keep checking my website.  There will be a lot more before the Tuesday, October 15th election.