Jim Moudry’s thanks

My preface to Jim’s Letter: Jim Moudry’s letter appeared in the Bellevue Leader last week. If you don’t know Jim, he ran against Bill Richards and Carol Blood for the at-large city council position. His total votes along with Bill Richards’ were more than Carol Blood received. He is endorsing Bill Richards and Steve Carmichael for Ward 1. Jim has spoken many times at the city council meetings and has given many valid points that the council has not listened to, no different from the many times I have spoken. Jim is a good man and I hope he continues to come to city council meetings and runs for office again. 
There is one thing voters can do when council members don’t listen. Replace them. Bill Richards for Carol Blood, Steve Carmichael for Scott Houghtalin and Andy Mahoney for Don Preister. Please vote them out.

Jim’s Letter:

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to those who supported and voted for me in the May 15 Primary Election for the City Council At-Large position.  Although family and work issues precluded me from actively campaigning, you still supported me with 8.52 % of the vote in a three person race.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Although I will not be advancing to the General Election, I will continue to make my voice heard with the message of transparency, accountability, economic growth, personal liberty, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility for the city of Bellevue.

I also want to take this opportunity to publicly endorse Bill Richards for Bellevue City Council At-large, Steven Carmichael for Bellevue City Council Ward I, and Paul Cook for Bellevue City Council Ward III.  We need change in Bellevue’s city government and these men will bring needed changes to the way our City Council governs and takes care of your tax dollars.

Jim Moudry