Differences Between Myself and Current Mayor Rita Sanders

We both say we are pro-life, but I’m the only one endorsed by the Nebraska United for Life.

We are both Republicans, but she is the rich one and I’m the Johnny Lunchbucket conservative.

My wife and I own only our house, which I work out of, and that’s the only property I own in Bellevue.  She and her husband Rich own multiple properties in Bellevue.  That could mean conflicts of interest in a number of decisions by the Mayor and the Council.

My wife is not president of the Bellevue Bicycle Club.  Rick Sanders is and that’s one of the reasons we have the bicycle lane on Fort Crook.

I know the difference between monthly financial sheets and a monthly balance sheet (one page) and she does not.

I will do my best to get Joe Mangiamelli as our city administrator.  She has stated that she has confidence in our current city administrator.  I don’t.

She’s got the big signs. She has the money. I have the small signs. I’m hoping that money doesn’t buy your vote.

She stated at our debate that she doesn’t want people to look at my website. If you look at my website with an open mind, I believe you will vote for me. I ask you to keep an open mind.