Citizen Code of Conduct

I attended the Bellevue City Council meeting on Monday March 9th. Another embarrassing night for the city of Bellevue. The new code of conduct for citizens was on the agenda and the public was there to speak on the subject. But Councilman Priester and Councilwoman Carol Blood and our city attorney Pat Sullivan didn’t want the public to speak. They are all afraid of my public criticism.

When people come down to speak on something on the agenda, they should be given the opportunity to speak even if you don’t like what they say. I was told that Larry Burke assistant administrator and Karen Jackson were responsible for this stupid resolution. I thought Burke was hired for economic development and I’m not quite sure what Karen Jackson does. This should have been stopped dead in its’ tracks long before it was put on the agenda. Carol Blood said the ACLU should have notified them. They did. I’m the one who brought it to their attention. This should never have gotten as far as it did. They have so many other problems they should be trying to solve.