Blood Behind the Recall Effort

This could be the most important letter that I have written on my website.  It starts with the city council meeting on July 27th.  Carol Blood accused Pat Shannon of being a bully and he should put on his big boy pants.  In reality, she’s the bully, going back to when she was on the city council.  I have talked to city employees that she has bullied when she had no authority to command them to do something.  Only the city administrator can direct what the city employees do and not the council members.

She bullied our city attorney Pat Sullivan and our mayor Rita Sanders when she was able to speak for over 10 minutes regarding Pat Shannon’s car wash.  She spent half of her time telling how good she is and the other half talking down Pat Shannon.  She says she doesn’t know Pat and yet she passed a law that is directed to stop Pat Shannon from running for any political office.  She was only supposed to talk about the car wash issue.  There is no doubt in my mind that she is behind the poorly organized recall petition.  What was said was full of misinformation and it is really sad that when I spoke to the city council over 200 to when she was on the council, she would always speak up that I was giving misinformation.  She certainly tried to bully me to no avail. Now she’s trying to do the same thing to Pat Shannon.  She always had the media on her side.  Doesn’t that sound familiar.  A lot more to come!