Before you vote in the Bellevue Primary

May 5th, 2012

Time is running out before the Bellevue primary, so I’m going to make this as short as I can. I will provide more details later.

We need to replace all three incumbents running for City Council: Carol Blood, Scott Houghtaling and Don Preister.

All three voted to hire an assistant city administrator for an annual salary of $75,000. We don’t need this position until our city is fiscally sound. We just hired a man who supposedly has 30 years’ experience as a city administrator and now he already needs help. Maybe we have the wrong guy. The right man for the job was Joe Mangiamelli, a finalist for the position along with Berlowitz. Mangiamelli called me the week of City Council’s vote and he said he was withdrawing his name because four of the six council members were going to vote against him. I believe the four were Carol Blood and her three sheep that go along with whatever she wants: Scott Houghtaling, Don Preister and Steve Knutson. I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes this council has ever made.

Carol Blood also tried to stop free speech by trying to change the rules for the public’s right to be heard during council meetings. Fortunately she failed and the public won. I have spoken over 85 times since May of 2008 and not one of these three incumbents has ever responded to any of my suggestions or criticisms.

The three people I recommend are Bill Richards to replace Carol Blood, Steve Carmichael ( to replace Scott Houghtaling and Andy Mahoney to replace Don Preister.

The three incumbents have not been good stewards of your tax dollars and the best way to tell them that is by voting them out of office.

I will have more to say after the primary. If you agree with my recommendations, please vote on May 15th. Your vote can really make a difference.

Chuck Fredrick

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