Alert: Sneak Attack

The city council wants to double their salary from $7,000 per year to $14,000 per year and the mayor’s salary from $15,000 to $17,000. This is not the time considering the financial condition of the city. There is no balance sheet presented to the council each month and more interestingly, none of the elected officials or the city administrator are demanding one.

The council thought they were clever not talking about the raise at the Feb 8th city council meeting. This way the majority of the taxpayers wouldn’t even know about it until after the 2nd reading where the public can object.

This alone should be enough for everyone to come to the city council meeting Monday Feb 22nd and express their objection.

No balance sheet each month, and the fact that city hall was bugged all telephone calls in and out of city hall for more than two years.

The city employees were not notified of this action, and therefore it was illegal. It could be another law suit against the city. Do we really need another law suit?

At this time, no one has admitted to the wrongdoing, even though a number of appointed and elected officials knew about it. When a Class 4 felony occurs, shouldn’t the guilty party or parties have some consequences?

All of the current elected officials knew that what their salary would be when they were elected. Whoever votes for this raise should resign. If they won’t do that, then let’s put it on the ballot for the next election and let the people decide if the council deserves it. I know I’ll vote no raise.