You Won’t Believe What Happened!!

    I can’t keep up with all the things that go on at City Hall.  I have to tell you what happened at the city council meeting Sept 14th.  I have been attending city council meetings on a regular basis since 1995.  4 of the 20 years, I was a councilman for Ward 1. During my term, I never missed a single meeting.  I witnessed two things that I felt embarrassed the city of Bellevue. The first was when Mayor Rita Sanders voted and before the vote she asked the city attorney Pat Sullivan how she should vote.  When I was on the city council I never asked anyone how I should vote.  I never in 20 years of attending meetings have I ever seen anyone ask the city attorney on how to vote. Rita Sanders campaigned to be mayor by emphasizing her leadership. At this point, after 6 years in office, I have not witnessed any leadership.  Many, many people told me after the election that they voted for me. People are still coming up to me now to say they voted for me.  Now what is happening a number of people who voted for Rita Sanders are now saying that they made a mistake. They wished they had voted for me. Most people at this point don’t even know about her lack of leadership when she had to ask the city attorney how she should vote. 

    If you voted for Rita Sanders because she said she was a Republican, you made a mistake.  I don’t think she is a Republican and I’ll give you two examples.  When she reappointed Dan Berlowitz for city administrator, three Republican councilmen: Cook, Moudry, and Carmichael didn’t want him as our city administrator.  Instead she went with our two liberal Democratic council people, Carol Blood and Don Priester and her good friend John Hansen.  Then another meeting, she appointed her liberal councilman Don Priester to the audit committee.  Jim Moudry should have been appointed.  He was key in asking about 200 questions to finalize the budget.  He only got about half of his questions answered. We need to have the state come to Bellevue and do the audit for the year.  Rich Severson, our finance director, is scared to death to have the state do the audit.  I have been asking the council for 9 months to have the state come in.
    If you are Republican and pro life and voted for Rita Sanders, you made a mistake. She was not endorsed by the pro life group Nebraska United for Life, I was endorsed by them.  Why is she going along with the two liberal Democrat Blood and Priester?  Those two are doing their best to run (some people would say ruin) this city.  All you have to do is watch the council meeting on my website and see how much they talk.  Why is Rita Sanders going along with these people?  I can only theorize on how this happened.  Sanders was afraid I was going to win.  Carol Blood certainly didn’t want me to win. They joined forces to make sure I wouldn’t win.  I think Carol Blood made a deal with Sanders.  Blood wanted to make sure that Dan Berlowitz remained City Administrator. She was the key in him getting the job the first time. Carol Blood is great at manipulating the media and other people in government.  One possibility is when Rick Sanders, Rita Sanders’ husband, came down to the Council to get (TIF) Tax-Increment Financing (our tax dollars) for his Richmont Village Retirement home. He wanted to build another building adjacent to his other buildings. Maybe I don’t understand TIF but I thought it was for emerging new businesses to come to your city.  Mr. Sanders didn’t need TIF. He was going to build there anyway. Maybe Carol Blood didn’t object to TIF for Sanders and in turn Rita Sanders would go along with Blood on appointing the same City Administrator.  According to the records I have seen, Rick Sanders got at least ¾ of million (784, 248) of which over ½ million (586, 814) for the new addition.  This is our tax dollars, and in my opinion Rick Sanders should not by the council be granted TIF money. If I am proven wrong, I apologize, but if I’m right, I feel there should be some action taken. You can see why we have fallen behind the other cities in Sarpy County.