The letter I couldn’t submit

This is the letter that I wished I could have submitted to the Bellevue Leader.  Of course I knew they would not publish it.

We are having one of the most important elections that we have ever had.  Ward 1 residents are selecting a new councilperson.  Only registered voters in Ward 1 can vote, but the vote will affect the entire city.

This is a non-partisan position, but in reality, there are four parties involved.  We have Steve Carmichael, who is endorsed by the Sarpy County Republican Party.   He received 47% of the vote in the general election.  We have Michael Knebel who represents the Libertarian Party.  He ran in the general election and got about 1% of the vote. 

Then we have Steve Dawes, the only Democrat in the race.  He is not endorsed by the Sarpy County Democratic Party even though he is the only Democrat in the race.  People are wondering why he is not endorsed by the Democrats.  Maybe this is because of the fourth party.  This is the Carol Blood party.  Carol Blood was Chairman of the Sarpy County Democratic Party at one time.  You would think that she would be endorsing Steve Dawes, the only Democrat in the race.

But instead she wants Dave Compton to win.  I believe she had control of the council for the last five years.  That is because she has had Scott Houghtaling, a registered Republican, vote along with Don Preister and Steve Knutson, both registered Democrats.  Those four have had the majority, and majority rules.  She needs Dave Compton to keep her majority.  Dave Compton has been quoted saying he wants to follow in Houghtaling’s footsteps.  With this majority we had a five million dollar debt this and a 3 million dollar debt for next year.  Their solution is to raise taxes.  Increase our mill levy to 60 cents this and 61 cents next year.  If you want the city to keep going in this direction, the vote for Dave Compton!  If you want the city to change direction and start showing some fiscal responsibility, then you msut vote for Steve Carmichael.  Please look at these websites for more information.

By the way, Steve Carmichael is pro-life .  He is endorsed by the Nebraska Right to Life. 

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