Speechless- Published in the Bellevue Leader

There are people on the council who want to stop free speech.  They tried to do the same thing a few years back when a council person made the same proposal.  She failed!  Now they want to again control what people can say at the podium.

Their big argument is that they want to be able to respond at that time.  That is not the solution.  The mayor, council and administration have two weeks to respond.  They can respond to the speaker directly during those two weeks and even announce the results at the next meeting.

I have spoken around 140 times since May 2008 and they have not responded to my comments or suggestions.  That is why I had to repeatedly make the same comments.  Just check the record for the last three years.  Check out the minutes (www.bellevue.net) or watch the meetings on YouTube.

To me the solution is simple.  Don’t take away our constitutional rights and just respond in two weeks like you should have done a long time ago.

Chuck Fredrick

Past councilperson and mayoral candidate