Letter to the Mayor Regarding Ward 1 Appointment

Mayor Sanders,

I would like for you to consider me for your appointment for City Councilman Ward 1.  As you know, I served on the City Council Ward 1 for four years, 1997-2000.  I never missed a single meeting, which is a record that can’t be broken.  I also ran for mayor twice on limited funds and received positive support.

I know the problems that Bellevue faces and I feel I can help address these problems in a positive way.  You also know that since I had “public request to be heard” put on the agenda in May of 2008, I have spoken at the city council meetings about 120 times.  Mayor, you once called me the bulldog of Bellevue.  I know I can make a difference on how this city is run.  

You can also see on my website- www.chuckfredrick.com, many of my suggestions that I have proposed.  You also know that there has never been anyone more active in trying to see good government in Bellevue.  

There have been councilmembers that have complained that they are not allowed to respond to me after my comments.  I would be eager when I’m back on the council to have lively discussions with the other councilmembers.

Thank you for your consideration.


Chuck Fredrick