Gary Troutman- The Real Winner in the Bellevue Mayoral Primary

May 31, 2010

Gary Troutman- The Real Winner in the Bellevue Mayoral Primary

In my letter that appeared May 20th in the Bellevue Leader, I said I have a Plan B if I didn’t become Mayor of Bellevue. My number one priority when I became mayor was to replace Gary Troutman, our current city administrator.

Most people don’t have a clue who the real winner of the primary was. It wasn’t Rita Sanders (spending over $15,000) or Steve Exon (spending a lot more than Rita), it was Gary Troutman. I talked to both candidates face-to-face after the primary and both of them danced around the question when asked if they were going to replace him. I believe that both of them will reappoint Troutman if they are elected. Big, big mistake. Our city is broken. It won’t be fixed until we have a competent, experienced city administrator.

Before I can execute Plan B, there is something I have to do first. I told my wife, Sheryl, I wasn’t going to use our money on my campaign. I kept it down to $1,715.85.

What I’m asking for is donations from my voters and people that believe that Gary Troutman has to be replaced. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. My address is 1511 Madison St., Bellevue, NE 68005 and my phone number is 292-3823.

It’s a shame that only 12% of the registered voters in Bellevue voted. Only 10% of those voters seem to understand the significance of having a new city administrator.

The others voted for candidates who spent the most money, or who had a big time political last name, or belonged to a lot of community organizations. All of them used platitudes and sound bites in their campaigns. Call them and ask them if they are going to replace Troutman with an experienced city administrator who lives in Bellevue.

My first pick would have been Joe Mangiamelli. He lives in Bellevue, he has been on Bellevue’s planning commission, he is currently the city administrator of Columbus, NE, and they love him out there.

The sooner I cover our expenses, the sooner I can start on Plan B.

Thanks for your support.

Chuck Fredrick

P.S. You can see my letter to the Bellevue Leader on my website: