Crunch Time

Feb 28, 2011

Crunch Time

Mayor Rita Saunders and the City Council members have the most important decision to make, who will be our next city administrator and then to get him on board ASAP. Grabbing headlines about the Omaha wheel tax or about how many chickens should be in Bellevue may be attention getters for some on the Council, but we need to get our financial house in order now. The man you choose for City Administrator should have the education, the experience as a a successful city administrator, and the ability to get this city turned around. It’s a must that he has furnished the city council and the public a balance sheet at least once a month. Bellevue does it only once a year. You can’t run a city like that.

I heard a rumor that whoever the Mayor appoints, the Council will turn down. That would really make this City Council look foolish. It’s important that the Mayor gets a consensus of the Council so that her appointment is approved. This has to be done before the appointment is on the agenda. With the right man, maybe Bellevue can catch up with Papillion and La Vista.

Chuck Fredrick