Crucial Appointment

Jan 1- 07

This letter was printed in the Omaha World Herald on Saturday January 6, 2007 in the ‘Public Pulse’ Midlands Section and also in the Bellevue Leader on January 10, 2007.

Mayor Babbitt and the council members were given this letter before the Jan 8 council meeting.

Crucial Appointment

Our new mayor of Bellevue, Ed Babbitt, is off to a good start. His reappointment of our city clerk, Kay Dammast, was right on. She’s done a great job. Babbitt made a good decision to delay the appointment of city attorney and city administrator. I don’t know of any two more important decisions he will have to make.

Our city is in serious financial shape and we need the right people in charge to get us out of this mess. Mayor Babbitt can now appoint a full-time city-employed attorney and not reappoint our current contracted attorney who offices in Omaha. We need our own attorney just like Grand Island has had for years and Papillion is now hiring. Bellevue’s legal fees last fiscal year were over $344,000. This is not acceptable.

I hope the taxpayers of Bellevue will call Mayor Babbitt and their city council people to let them know that we need our own city-employed city attorney.

Chuck Fredrick

Former Bellevue City Councilman
and mayoral candidate