Council Payraise

Let’s talk about the council meeting Feb 27. The council wants to double their salary from 7,000 to 14,000. It was the second reading so they accepted public input. I was the only mayoral candidate to speak and the only person to really object to them getting a raise. The council doesn’t demand a balance sheet each month and you can’t run a city if you don’t see a balance sheet each month. Also the council has not demanded any accountability or consequences for the illegal act of recording incoming and outgoing calls at the city hall. For 2 years I said they didn’t deserve any raise (they all knew what the salary was when they run for council). I also said that any council person who voted for the raise should resign. No vote now. Put it on ballad and let the taxpayers decide.

A whole bunch of ringers? Spoke as to why they deserve a raise. The aurguments were either weak or not relevant. They also used an old trick of asking for a lot more than people would accept, so that a smaller increase with or without perks would be acceptable. I hope the taxpayers know that no increase is acceptable until there is fiscal responsibility. Our city is broken.