City Council to vote on limiting public feedback Sept 26- my letter to the news stations


Bellevue City Council is going to make history at the Monday, September 24 meeting. Led by Councilwoman Carol Blood, they are going to stop free speech. The ordinance that will do this is Ordinance 3625, presented by Carol Blood.

I was on the city council 4 years and ran for mayor twice. I’m still very active in trying to make Bellevue a better city. In May 2008, I was able to convince the council to reinstate the ability for public requests to be heard. That meant anyone who wanted to speak on any subject (free speech) could have 5 minutes to do so at the end of the meeting.

I have used this format 60 times since May 2008. I have given suggestions on how the city could be run more efficiently, criticized some things the council did or didn’t do, and in general tried to make comments that would save the taxpayers of Bellevue money. I would suggest that you look at the minutes of the city council meetings for the last 3 years to get an idea of where I’m coming from.

To put it bluntly, Carol Blood has designed this ordinance to stop me from speaking. Unfortunately, she is going to stop everyone else from having the right of free speech.

This new ordinance will make it so that a person who wants to speak will have to submit the subject they want to talk about a week in advance. The city administrator Dan Berlowitz then will decide if you can speak at the meeting.

This is ridiculous. She wants one person (not even an elected official) to decide if you can speak at the council meetings.

I believe my right and everyone else’s right to free speech will be violated. I would encourage you to review this stupid ordinance before the meeting. My website is

Chuck Fredrick