Chuck’s latest message

I want to again thank all of the people who voted for me and supported me financially. I know of no one that has been involved in the city government as long as I have. I’m still trying to hold the elected officials and appointed officials’ feet to the fire.

I have spoken over 150 times to the City Council since May 2008. Unfortunately, many of you don’t know what I have been saying, unless you watch the replays on channel 17 or you watch the replays on YouTube:

Neither the Omaha World Herald nor the Bellevue Leader have reported on what was said or what happened during the public request portion of the meetings.

What I suggest is to write or call Eugene curtain (402-537-4851) and Ron Petak (402-505-3620) at the Bellevue Leader and Jordon Pascale (402-444-1276) aand voice your displeasure at their not reporting on this important part of the meeting. If you email ( your written comments to the papers, I might put them on my website.

Before the August 10th City Council meeting, people were telling them that I was escorted out of the building after I spoke. That is a lie. As I said earlier, I have spoken 150 times and have never been escorted from the podium.
Minute Record
Bellevue City Council Meeting, July 27, 2015, Page 5

Mayor Sanders read the following statement: “Any member of the public addressing the Council shall abide by Council Policy Resolution No. 35 regarding the Principles of Conduct and Decorum which states ‘any statements made during City Council meetings by the Mayor, members of the City Council, City officials and employees, or members of the general public shall not involve personal, impertinent, or slanderous attacks on individuals, regardless of whether the individual so attacked is an elected official, a city official or employee, or a member of the general public’ and also Bellevue City Code Section 2-68 regarding the manner of addressing the Council. Copies of the aforementioned rules are posted outside the Council Chambers. Speakers shall limit their presentations to five minutes.”

Mr. Chuck Fredrick said he had witnessed a Bellevue Police Officer changing someone’s tire on Cornhusker Road. He thought that was a really nice thing to do and he appreciates the Police doing things like that outside of their normal duties. In regards to the ACLU letter, the second letter can be viewed on his website. He does not agree with the CDBG money going to a business. If it is a third generation business, he has had time to make the improvements. Mr. Fredrick said former Mayor Gary Mixan spoke at the Budget Forum Meeting and was allowed to speak for “15 minutes” instead of the three everyone else was a given. The last thing he did was have the audience raise their hands if they were in favor of higher taxes if it meant greater services. He does not think that is the problem; it’s because we are spending too much money and things like the bridge study could be delayed a year. A raise in the sales tax is not the answer as the problem is how the “City is run.”

Mr. Fredrick also does not think priority based budgeting is working like it should because if gives “one person the priority to give some people raises.” He said most cities do not do biennial budgets and he does not see the purpose in it. He thinks it is more for “hiding things” rather than getting things done. Mr. Fredrick said he has talked about the elimination of the At-Large Position on the City Council numerous times. He passed out a copy of an article published in the paper regarding this matter and said he would read it afterwards. Mayor Sanders advised. Mr. Fredrick his five minutes was up. Mr. Fredrick requested a vote be taken to allow him additional time.

Motion was made by Carmichael, seconded by Cook, to allow Mr. Fredrick more time to finish his statement. Mr. Cook clarified he was only going to be reading the article and that was all. Mr. Fredrick answered affirmatively. Mr. Preister advised he would be abstaining from the vote. Roll call vote on the motion was as follows: Carmichael, Hansen, Cook, Moudry, and Blood voted yes; voting no: none; abstaining: Preister. Motion carried.

Mr. Fredrick read an article written by Roseann Moring published in the Bellevue Leader on November 25, 2013, about the elimination of the At-Large Position. He “encouraged” Mrs. Blood to follow-up on what was said or someone else on the Council should. Mrs. Blood requested the minutes reflect she was stepping down from the desk as a Council Member to address the City Council as a citizen. Mrs. Carol Blood stated this was an issue brought up to the Council for discussion, but multiple calls were received from the public. The public did not want to have the position eliminated as “they liked having a second person who oversaw their Ward” in case they needed someone else to take ideas or concerns to or if they had a personal conflict with their representative. She feels this issue is being directed at her personally. She wants to be sure the public knows this was discussed by the Council and the based on public comment, it was decided to keep the At-Large Position. Mrs. Blood continued by stating anyone is able to speak at the podium, indcluding the other Council Members. She is cautious to do so, but has become “annoyed” by Mr. Fredrick giving out misinformation. Mr. Fredrick stated he had the right for a rebuttal to what was said, but was told he did not and asked to return to his seat.