Calling for Resignation

Nov 23, 2009

To Mayor Mixan,

As you know, before Ed Babbitt died, I declared at a city council meeting before Ed Babbitt died that I was going to run for mayor of Bellevue. I also announced at that time I was going to appoint a new city administrator to replace Gary Troutman.

But now, with all the events that have happened since my announcement, including the bugging of telephones in city hall, I think it is imperative that Mr. Troutman and anyone else included in this decision to record all calls should be replace immediately. I believe he has cost the city millions of dollars in law suits settled, ones still pending and particularly the ones forthcoming.

Recording incoming and outgoing telephone calls to the city is a Class 4 felony. There is a rumor that some documents are being destroyed which would change that to a Class 1 felony. I was very surprised after reading the World Herald that Councilman Knutson knew calls were being recorded and thought it was OK. I’d like to know what other councilmembers also knew about this.

I know you and all the councilmembers received a letter from Bev Hrdy, a longtime and well-respected and now retired Bellevue city clerk. The bottom line in her letter was that it was time for Mr. Troutman to go.

Where is the accountability for this illegal action? It’s time for Mr. Troutman and anyone else involved to man up. Do what is right for Bellevue and resign now!

Bellevue has a reputation of covering up for elected and appointed officials and sweeping the incidents under the rug. This time the rug is not big enough. This is very serious and action must be taken now! If you and/or the city council won’t step up and do what is right, I will seek to be put on the agenda to ask for Mr. Troutman’s resignation. This letter to you will be posted on my website

Respectfully Yours,

Chuck Fredrick