Bellevue vs. Grand Island

March 18, 2007

Bellevue vs Grand Island

We may have beaten out Grand Island in population count to become the 3rd largest city in Nebraska, but we are years behind in our finances and how we report this information to the public. Just look at Grand Island’s website and look at the city administrator’s monthly Jan 2007 report and their budget in brief for 2006-2007. Then look at Bellevue’s website and I think that you’ll agree with me that it’s time for our elected and appointed officials to step up and start doing a more responsible job. Grand Island has had a full-time city employed city attorney for over ten years whose current salary is $84,300.

Now is the time to hire a full-time city attorney and not keep or appoint a new contractual city attorney. Our current contractual city attorney John Herdzina is billing us $2,739 for a letter he wrote for a Bellevue City Council closed-door session, which the Sarpy County attorney has said was illegal. Our legal bill last fiscal year was over $344,000. We deserve better legal advice at a price we can afford. Why this special meeting? Could it be that in return for their support to retain him, Mr. Herdzina would try to keep the council at 10?

In my opinion, Herdzina was wrong on his opinion about retaining S.P. Benson, wrong about not being able to impose impact fees on the developers, and not effective on the Tregaron golf course issue. We could have owned and then sold the golf course for a profit. The city of Bellevue needs a full-time city employed city attorney. Please let your voice be heard.

Chuck Fredrick

Former Bellevue City Councilman

and Mayor Candidate